No Denying It

The Try Guys Introduce Chibeze Ezekiel

The coal plant never saw it coming.

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Erin McGoff Introduces Lefteris Arapakis

There aren’t plenty of fish in the sea - not anymore.

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Dr. Karl introduces Yvonne Cuaresma

Grief can be powerful when we put it into action.

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Mamadou Ndiaye Introduces Cassia Moraes

You aren’t alone. You just haven’t found your community yet.

Cassia Moraes knows the power of community. She’s building a global network of young people, trained to take on climate jobs and to support each other in solving the climate crisis. 

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Michelle Yeoh Introduces Tariq Al-Olaimy

Nature has proven that we can’t beat it - so we better join it.

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Jane Goodall Introduces Xiaoyuan "Charlene" Ren

What’s in the water?

That’s what legions of volunteers are finding out with MyH20, a network that collects drinking water data to help find solutions to improve water quality across China.

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Kyne Introduces Mat dos Santos

Kids are mad, and they’re willing to take it to court.

Children from across the planet have been sounding the alarm about the climate crisis, fearful that their future will be unlivable. And now they’ve got a lawyer on their side.

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Dia Mirza Introduces Aditi Mayer

When we decolonize fashion, the climate benefits too.

Aditi Mayer is an American blogger and organizer of South Asian heritage. Ms. Mayer uses her social media platform to host conversations about fast fashion, climate, race, and gender. 

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Edward Norton Introduces Nzambi Matee

Nzambi Matee inspires us to understand how waste is managed, and to look for a better way.

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Ezra Miller Introduces Chief Dana Tizya-Tramm

Chief Dana Tizya-Tramm of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation inspires us to commit to big ideas and make bold choices to save our planet.

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