News in Brief

News in Brief 5 May 2017 (PM)

“We are walking into another crisis” in Gaza, warns UN coordinator

The UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process has warned that the world is “walking into another crisis” over the Gaza Strip “with our eyes wide open.”

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News in Brief 5 May 2017 (AM)

Humanitarian agencies decision to pull back in CAR is temporary

The decision by four major humanitarian agencies to withdraw partially from the Central African Republic (CAR) amid attacks on their workers is “temporary”, the UN said on Friday.

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News in Brief 4 May 2017 (PM)

“No going back” on peace for Colombia, as Security Council meets President

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News in Brief 4 May 2017 (AM)

South Sudan urged to halt offensive threatening 35,000 displaced in Aburoc

The South Sudanese government has been urged to halt any further offensives towards the town of Aburoc, where more than 35,000 people have sought refuge in recent weeks due to fighting.

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News in Brief 3 May 2017 (PM)

Conflict-related sexual violence victims need national recognition: UN report

Victims of conflict and terrorism-related sexual violence need greater national recognition in order to help relieve the stigma that they suffer.

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News in Brief 3 May 2017 (AM)

Security Council demonstrates “commitment” to UN Mission in Colombia

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News in Brief 2 May 2017 (PM)

Nuclear science and technology playing “significant role” in development

Expanding membership of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) shows a “growing appreciation of the immense value” of nuclear science and technology.

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News in brief 1 May (PM)

South Sudanese government urged to protect thousands from attack

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News in brief 1 May (AM)

“Moderate” Asia-Pacific economic growth faces risks from “global uncertainty”

“Moderate” projected growth this year in the Asia-Pacific region faces risks from “rising protectionism and global uncertainty.”

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News in brief 28 April (PM)

 UN official draws attention to “complex emergency” in Mali

A senior UN official is drawing attention to the complex emergency in Mali and the deteriorating humanitarian situation resulting from the conflict, following a three-day visit to the country.

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