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News in Brief

UN Indonesia/Lufty Ferdiansyah

News in Brief 07 September 2023

  • Southeast Asia: ASEAN bloc has vital bridge building role says UN chief
  • Time to act together to slash deadly air pollution: Guterres
  • UNICEF: Children moving across Latin America, Caribbean, in record numbers
© UNOCHA/Yao Chen

News in Brief 05 September 2023

  • Record civilian cluster munitions deaths as experts urge global ban
  • UN provides new funding boost for ‘neglected’ humanitarian crises
  • Concern over refugees and migrants attempting dangerous Darien Gap crossing: OHCHR
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TANBAT 6/Kaptain Mwijage Inyoma

News in Brief 4 September 2023

  • Africa bears brunt of global warming it did little to cause: WMO
  • Sudan: ‘Dire’ health situation faces those on the run, $1 billion support package needed: UNHCR
  • Ukraine: ‘Immense challenges’ impede justice for war victims say rights experts
UN News/ Pauline Batista

News in Brief 31 August 2023

  • Pervasive discrimination’ against people of African descent must stop: UN chief
  • Refusal to waive intellectual property for COVID-19 vaccines violates human rights in global South, experts say
  • ‘Last line of defence’ against extinction: UNESCO World Heritage sites under climate change threat
Unsplash/Tao Yuan

News in Brief 30 August 2023

  • Enforced disappearance: Experts urge justice for victims and an end to impunity
  • Sudan: Over 4.8 million displaced says IOM
  • WHO welcomes African States’ commitment to combat antimicrobial resistance

News in Brief 29 August 2023

  • Ukraine’s children fall behind in school as attacks on education rage on: UNICEF
  • Niger spirals into protection crisis post-military takeover: UNHCR
  • Hundreds of thousands trafficked into online criminality in southeast Asia: OHCHR
© ICAN/Seth Shelden

News in Brief 28 August 2023

  • ‘End nuclear testing forever’: UN chief
  • States must protect children’s right to a clean and healthy environment: independent experts
  • UN refugee chief hears ‘stories of fear and violence’ from those who fled Sudan