News in Brief

News in Brief 17 February 2020

  • Pakistan’s solidarity and compassion for refugees is remarkable, says UN chief  
  • Yemen’s opposing sides agree to ‘large-scale’ prisoner exchange 
  • Cameroon violence continues with killing of 22 villagers 
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News in Brief 14 February 2020

  • Vital Idlib aid deliveries resume after ‘heavy bombing’, say UN humanitarians  
  • Horn of Africa to Yemen is world’s busiest sea route for migrants – IOM 
  • Drop in Ebola infections encouraging but fragile says WHO 
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News in Brief 12 February 2020

  • Countries and airlines should react to COVID-19 risk proportionally, urges UN aviation organization chief 
  • Libya’s cities ‘re-contaminated’ by months of fighting, warn UN mine experts 
  • International Support Group for Lebanon calls for comprehensive reforms 
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News in Brief 11 February 2020

  • Top scientists gather at UN to speed up coronavirus response  
  • Appeal for long-term help for Madagascar as child emergency worsens 
  • Eastern DRC displacement leaves thousands in dire conditions – UNHCR 
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News in Brief 10 February 2020

  • Coronavirus containment ‘still the priority’ as cases rise 
  • Locust threat ‘increases further’ in Horn of Africa 
  • Plea for action to stop 3,700 people dying every day on world’s roads 
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News in Brief 7 February 2020

  • Coronavirus: demand for facemasks has created shortfall for those in real need 
  • Thousands forced to flee violent gangs in Mozambique 
  • Climate crisis fears fulled as Antarctica posts record temperature reading of 18.3°C 
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News in Brief 6 February 2020

  • Faster action needed to stop 61 million girls facing FGM
  • Millions of CAR children still at risk
  • UNESCO calls for investigation into death of Mexico butterfly experts
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News in Brief 5 February 2020

  • 'Tremendous gap' between refugee resettlement and placements: UNHCR
  • UN refugee chief wraps up visit to three countries in the Sahel
  • WHO and UNICEF support massive measles campaign in South Sudan
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News in Brief 4 February 2020

  • Both sides in Libya conflict agree need for ceasefire that lasts 
  • WHO moves fast to tackle coronavirus ‘infodemic’  
  • Daily bombing leaves northwest Syrian civilians nowhere to hide 
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News in Brief 3 February 2020

  • Libya talks begin in Geneva 
  • Sick patients airlifted from Yemeni capital
  • WHO highlights worsening health threats to Syrian civilians
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