News in Brief

News in Brief 2 December 2020

  • Making peace with nature must be top priority for all: UN chief 
  • Countries urged to reduce fossil fuel production to avoid ‘catastrophic’ temperature rise 
  • Pandemic driving down wages, with women and low-paid workers hard hit: ILO report
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News in Brief 1 December 2020

  • UN appeals for $35 billion to help world’s ‘most vulnerable and fragile’ 
  • 1.3 billion children have no internet access at home 
  • UNHCR appeals to Ethiopia to let it reach hungry Eritrean refugees 
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News in Brief 30 November 2020

  • UNHCR appeals for $147 million for up to 100,000 Ethiopians fleeing to Sudan 
  • COVID-19 threatens global progress against malaria, warns UN health agency 
  • UN rights office spotlights killings in Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua 
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News in Brief 27 November 2020

  • Africa ‘not ready’ for huge vaccine drive against COVID: WHO 
  • First of four UN humanitarian airlifts for Ethiopia refugees lands in Khartoum 
  • Food emergency forces Malagasy to forage for food 
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News in Brief 26 November 2020

- Nearly 150,000 more deaths from AIDS because of COVID-19
- WHO chief Tedros urges people to be more active “to add years to life and life to years”
- AI may increase bias in racial profiling by law enforcement officials

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News in Brief 23 November 2020

  • CO2 levels hit new high despite COVID lockdowns 
  • Yemen inches towards famine: UNICEF 
  • Do more to protect Afghan civilians, Bachelet tells armed actors 
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News in Brief 20 November 2020

  • WHO advises against remdesivir use
  • Humanitarian fallout continues in Ethiopia's Tigray
  • Unlawful killings in Syria's Idlib
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News in Brief 19 November 2020

  • Refugee resettlement numbers are lowest in two decades: UNHCR 
  • Whole generation of children at risk from impact of COVID, says UNICEF  
  • Probe call for ‘excessive’ violence used against Belarus demonstrators 
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News in Brief 18 November 2020

  • Cold chain Ebola vaccine expertise will help Africa beat COVID: WHO 
  • Ethiopians affected by Tigray crisis need access to clean water, food: UN 
  • Iraq urged to halt new executions of terror suspects, compounding injustice: Bachelet
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News in Brief 17 November 2020

  • ‘Potentially catastrophic’ impact in Central America from new hurricane: UN 
  •  ‘Full-scale crisis’ unfolding on Ethiopia’s border with Sudan: UNHCR 
  • Civilians Continue to Flee Insecurity in Cabo Delgado Mozambique 
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