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Humanitarian chief outlines “enormous” challenges in South Sudan

Displacement caused by inter-ethnic violence and a stream of refugees fleeing conflict in neighbouring Sudan, are some of the challenges facing the new nation of South Sudan.

That assessment comes from UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos, who is on her first mission to the country.

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Famine over in Somalia

“We just received the new data from food security and nutrition analysis in Somalia and we can say that no more, any region in Somalia under famine conditions.”

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Political and economic empowerment top UN Women plans for 2012

Training women conflict mediators in countries in Africa and Asia, helping ethnic Moroccan women to inherit property, and creating “safe spaces” for schoolgirls in Zambia.

These are just some of the successes of UN Women, which celebrates its first anniversary this month.

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Resistance to TB drugs hits record levels

The effectiveness of drugs to fight tuberculosis or TB has been put under the spotlight after research showed that resistance to TB medication has hit record highs in some parts of the world.

TB is a common and often lethal infection which attacks the lungs.

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Pre-election violence erupts in Senegal

The authorities in Senegal are being warned by the UN that any mishandling of ongoing protests could lead to what have been described as “serious results”.

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Ban reiterates demand for lifting of Gaza blockade

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is in the Middle East as part of his efforts to help Israel and the Palestinians find a solution to their ongoing conflict.

On Thursday, he crossed into Gaza where he called once again for the lifting of the blockade by Israel.

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Ban: Israel’s contribution “vital” to Mid-East peace talks

Israel is being urged to do more to create a “positive dynamic” in the Middle East peace process by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Mr. Ban is on tour in the Middle East to encourage Israelis and Palestinians to re-engage in peace talks.

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Security Council debates Syria draft resolution

A packed UN Security Council has been hearing calls for support of an Arab League plan to resolve the unrest continuing for 10 months in Syria.

The Security Council has been unable to come up with a solution to the ongoing crisis.

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1,500 Africans drown crossing the Mediterranean in 2011

2011 has been the deadliest year for Africans crossing the Mediterranean to flee to Europe, according to the UN’s refugee agency.

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Human Rights Office worried former Haiti leader will escape human rights charges

Former Haitian leader Jean-Claude Duvalier could only face trial for financial corruption charges during his regime and not human rights violations, a move which concerns the UN Human Rights Office.

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