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A fruitful partnership in Armenia

Can financial equity funds be employed to find a solution to poverty? The approach seems to be working in remote Armenia in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia.

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UN actively “hunting the Ebola virus” in affected areas

Efforts are now being focused on “hunting the Ebola virus”, the UN Secretary-General announced on Monday.

Mr Ban Ki-moon has just returned from the West African region where he visited Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Mali.

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Vanuatu: connecting the “unconnected” key to future

Developing internet connectivity for the so-called “unconnected” can help impact economic and social development, particularly in the least developed countries.

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South Sudanese leaders need to put nation first

Political leaders in South Sudan should make the needs of the nation a priority rather than putting their personal ambition first, according to a commentator on the African country.

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Humanitarian priorities for 2015 to be set by aid workers battling crises

The humanitarian priorities for 2015 will be set by relief workers battling crises and disasters on the ground, a senior UN official has said.

Over US$400 million has been pledged by donors to a UN fund in support of urgent aid needs for next year.

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Number of Ebola cases in West Africa still “too high”, says UN chief

Despite the progress that has been made in containing the spread of Ebola in Liberia, now is not the time to ease the efforts against the deadly disease.

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Battered women in Spain need better protection

Women in Spain still have problems getting protective orders against their abusive partners because the police tend to regard them as “manipulative”.

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Azerbaijan promises broadband internet access to all citizens

People across Azerbaijan, even those living in remote rural areas, are to have access to high-speed by 2017, according to a senior government official.

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Accord hailed as “ground-breaking first step” in US-Cuba relations

An accord reached between the US and Cuba has been hailed as a “ground-breaking first step” in normalizing relations between the two countries.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union or IPU, a UN partner organization, released the statement on Thursday calling the move a “major breakthrough”.

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No better way forward for Afghanistan than unity government

There is no better way forward for Afghanistan than a national unity government, according to the head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

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