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Release of kidnapped civilians in Nigeria welcomed by UN

The release of civilians in Nigeria who had been kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorist group has been welcomed by UN.

Nigerian troops rescued 338 people, mostly women and children, who were reportedly being held in the north-east of the West African country.

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Women fleeing gangs in Central America fuel new refugee crisis

The number of women in Central America and Mexico fleeing gang violence is rising at an alarming rate, fuelling a new refugee crisis in the region.

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Culture of “denial” around sexual violence must be broken

The “culture of denial and silence” around sexual violence against women in conflict must be broken according to a leading UN expert.

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Social dialogue key for improving workplaces

Effective social dialogue between governments, workers and employers can improve compliance and produce better workplaces.

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No improvement in human rights situation in DPRK

There has been “no significant improvements over the last 15 years” in the human rights situation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

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Only political settlement will end civilian suffering in Darfur

Only a “political settlement” between the Sudanese government and armed opposition will allow millions to return home in Darfur.

That’s according a the senior UN official briefing the Security Council on Wednesday.

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Violence could have grave consequences, says Abbas

The President of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Mahmoud Abbas, appealed to the UN on Wednesday to help stop the violence there, or else risk an “explosion” by his people that would have “grave consequences” for everyone.

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Mobile apps bridge health care gaps in Myanmar

Lack of medical professionals is a problem in Myanmar, with only 1.3 health workers for every 1,000 persons according to the United Nations.  But a technology company there is putting health care in the palms of people’s hands.

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Pace of displacement in Syria “remains relentless”

The pace of civilian displacement across Syria “remains relentless”.

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Quake "shows why countries must prepare for worst"

Time “is running out” to help people trapped in the rubble nearly 48 hours after a massive earthquake struck the mountainous border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, UN experts said Tuesday.

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