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Ocean provides “every second breath” to life says UN expert

The ocean has been described by the United Nations as the heart of the planet because of its importance in supporting life; yet it is facing a number of threats, including pollution.

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Guidance issued to protect survivors rescued at sea

Guidance on protecting  people who have been rescued at sea has been jointly issued by the International Maritime Organization (

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Growing gender gap in mobile phone use

Men have greater access to mobile telephone services across the developing world and use them more than women.

That’s according to a director at the Connected Women Programme of the GSMA, an association of mobile operators.

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Investigation launched following abuse of girl in CAR

An investigation has been launched in the Central African Republic, by the United Nations peacekeeping mission, MINUSCA, following allegations that a UN peacekeeper had sexually abused a young girl.

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Graphic message is best way to save planet, says cartoonist

Drawing clever cartoons is just is one way of raising grassroots awareness about climate change, a leading cartoonist said on Friday, for World Environment Day.

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“New worrying development” reported in Ukraine conflict

There has been a significant deterioration of the security situation in eastern Ukraine, the Security Council heard on Friday.

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Refugee influx risks overwhelming Greek isles

Greece is struggling to cope with a huge influx of desperate refugees who’ve been arriving by sea from Turkey at a rate of 600 per day, the UN said Friday.

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Tool launched to increase web accessibility for all

What happens when a website has not been made accessible to people with disabilities?

That’s the question being posed by the UN which has launched a new website to recreate that experience for the general public.

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From engineer to florist in a Jordan refugee camp

Syrian refugees living in a camp in Jordan are rebuilding their lives by launching new businesses serving other refugees.

At the Azraq camp an engineer has retrained as a florist; another refugee has set up a barber shop.

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Major food commodity prices down in May

The price of food commodities fell in May hitting the lowest level since September 2009, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO.

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