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Sudanese Government reluctance to negotiate hindering peace process

The greatest challenge of the peace process in Sudan is the reluctance of the government to engage in negotiations with armed movements.

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Balanced approach needed to deal with public debt

A balanced approach is needed to deal with public debt according to a senior UN official and former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Debt is a normal part of a country’s finances.

Governments borrow to pay for a wide range of services and other needs.

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Successful elections in Côte d’Ivoire crucial to country’s stability

If elections go well in Côte d’Ivoire next October, it means that the country is back on the track of stability and development, according to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the West African nation.

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Delegates’ hopes at the 104th International Labour Conference

Many delegates attending the 104th International Labour Conference are hopeful that it will help improve conditions for workers around the world.

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Increased militia violence “could tip Burundi over the edge”

Increasingly violent and threatening actions by a pro-government militia “could tip Burundi over the edge” according to the UN human rights chief.

Civil unrest broke out in the country in April following the President's announcement to run for a third term.

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Women in technology encouraged to network

An initiative has been launched in Europe to encourage women working in the field of information and communications technology to build networks of like-minded professionals.

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“No excuse anymore” to leave people with disabilities behind

The everyday reality of people with disabilities around the world has been changed by a United Nations treaty.

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Campaign to end modern slavery gathering pace

A campaign to end modern slavery launched by the UN is gathering pace in Geneva.

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Safe space opened for victims of gender based violence in South Sudan

For victims of gender based violence, a safe space, medical help and someone to talk to is often the first thing they need.

Women in Juba in South Sudan now have just that thanks to a custom-built centre at the Juba Teaching Hospital.

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Eritrea “ruled not by law, but by fear”

The people of Eritrea are living in a country ruled not by law but by fear, according to a UN report released on Monday.

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