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Cholera toll mounts for Burundi displaced, says refugee agency

A cholera epidemic in Tanzania's lakeside Kagunga area has killed 31 people and is a serious risk for tens of thousands of displaced Burundians, the UN refugee agency said Friday.

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Medical supplies running out in South Sudan

South Sudan is facing what’s been described by the UN as a “very serious” shortage of medical supplies.

It’s thought that many of the 1400 medical facilities in the country will have run out of medicine and other supplies by September.

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Hip-hop artist backs sustainable energy for Africa

The hip-hop artist, Akon, says his experience growing up in Africa was the driving force behind his efforts to bring sustainable energy to the continent.

The American and Senegalese singer established Akon Lighting Africa, two years ago.

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Cultural heritage benefiting Kenya communities

People in Kenya are benefiting in significant ways from cultural heritage sites according to the Director General of the National Museums of Kenya.

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Destruction of cultural site would be “enormous loss to humanity”

The destruction of a cultural site in Syria would be a war crime and an enormous loss to humanity if it goes ahead, the Director-General of the UN cultural agency, UNESCO has warned.

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Aid convoy crosses into western Libya

An aid convoy has crossed into western Libya from Tunisia to provide relief supplies to 51,000 people displaced by conflict.

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Food challenge highlighted at Milan Expo 2015

The world needs to consider how it can ensure access to enough food for the planet’s seven billion inhabitants.

That’s the message that the United Nations is promoting at the recently opened Expo Milan 2015 in Italy.

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20,000 porters carry aid to Nepal’s isolated communities

A high-altitude rescue effort involving up to 20,000 porters is under way in a bid to reach Nepal’s most isolated communities three weeks after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the country.

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Four die in attack on UN compound in South Sudan

Four civilians including a woman and her child have been killed in a mortar attack at a UN compound in Melut in South Sudan.

Eight other civilians were injured after two mortar shells landed at the UN base.

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Health challenges mount for Palestine refugees

Providing health care to millions of Palestine refugees has become increasingly complicated as conflict and upheaval persist in the Middle-East, the UN said Wednesday.

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