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Cattle displacement jeopardizes social stability in South Sudan

The displacement of millions of cattle as a result of the ongoing conflict in South Sudan is jeopardizing social stability, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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Eight UN peacekeepers injured in Mali attack

Eight United Nations peacekeepers have been injured, three of them seriously, in an attack in Mali.

The vehicle of the eight Nigerian soldiers were travelling and ran over an explosive device on Sunday in the Gao region.

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Efforts continue to get Libyan warring parties to talk

Diplomatic efforts are continuing to get the warring parties in Libya to talk to each other instead of fighting.

The North African country has been embroiled in factional fighting since Muammar al-Qhadafi was overthrown in a popular revolt more than three years ago.

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Jobs for women grow “economic pie for everyone”

The world economy would benefit by boosting women’s participation in the labour force and business, according to an official of the World Bank.

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UN global agenda for 2015 “on track”, says Brazil Ambassador

The post-2015 global agenda for sustainable development is “on track”, according to the Permanent Representative of Brazil to the UN.

Ambassador Antonio de Aguiar Patriota says he hopes Member States will adopt a series of targets this year, in addition to those approved in 2014.

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Situation of women in Pakistan “quite alarming”

The situation of women in Pakistan is “quite alarming” according to the head of the United Nations development office in the country.

The UN is working to advocate for women’s rights and empowerment, saying ensuring greater equality of women will be critical for Pakistan’s development.

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Burundi elections must be “dedramatized”: UN special envoy

Elections in Burundi must in the words of the UN special envoy for the East African nation be “dedramatized” and should offer space for people to freely choose their leaders.

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Europe can no longer “ignore” dangerous sea crossing of migrants

Europe can no longer ignore the “worrying” situation regarding the crossing of the Mediterranean by migrants, a Spokesperson for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has warned.

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UN has become a “people centric” organization

The United Nations has become what has been described by a senior UN official as a “people centric” organization as it approaches its 70th anniversary.

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Ebola infections decrease, but new hot spots identified

The number of cases of the deadly Ebola disease is declining in affected countries in West Africa but new outbreaks are being reported in areas with little or no transmission.

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