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More wealthy people seeking residency in “desirable” countries

More and more people are using their wealth to acquire residency or citizenship in countries that are considered more “desirable”.

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Cost of keeping HIV-sufferers alive putting countries in debt

The cost of keeping those suffering from HIV alive is putting some countries, most notably in Africa, in insurmountable debt.

Far more people with HIV are now living longer, thanks to new antiretroviral drug treatments.

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Value of women’s unpaid work deserves recognition

The value of women’s unpaid work deserves greater recognition in societies around the world.

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Refugee crisis unlikely to recede in early 2016: UNHCR spokesperson

The refugee crisis which has seen nearly 4.4 million Syrians flee their homes is unlikely to recede in the New Year.

That’s according to Melissa Fleming, the senior spokesperson for the UN Refugee Agency.

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“Responsive” UN force helps keep the peace in Darfur

The security situation in Darfur has stabilized over the past two years, according to the Force Commander at the joint African Union/United Nations operation there, known as

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Guinea marks “important milestone” with end of Ebola transmission

The Ebola outbreak in Guinea has ended, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Tuesday.

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Rising global humanitarian needs require “tremendous” funding

The amount of money required to meet global humanitarian needs in 2016 is “tremendous,” according to the man heading up the World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Turkey next May.

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Risk of conflict high without “free and fair” elections in central Africa

With several countries in central Africa due to hold elections in 2016, the need for “free and fair” electoral processes is being emphasized.

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Colombia deal a “significant” step for peace

Displaced by Colombia’s armed conflict, this family now lives in Arjona, an impoverished community outside Cartagena on the northern coast. Photo:Kristy Siegfried/IRIN

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Global temperature rise bound to affect human health

Human health is bound to suffer if global warming goes beyond the limits agreed in December at the Paris climate change conference.

That’s the view of Jörg Hacker, a member of the UN Secretary-General’s Scientific Advisory Board.

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