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UN agencies fear Syria could be among greatest humanitarian crises

The ongoing challenges brought on by the Syrian crisis could make it one of the biggest humanitarian emergencies in years.

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Civilians are tired of conflict in Syria, says UN human rights official

Syrian civilians are becoming increasingly weary of the lack of progress in resolving the conflict in their country, says Georgette Gagnon.

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UN says Gaza could face undrinkable water by 2016

As World Water Week comes to a close UN officials in Gaza released a report warning that, Gaza’s water supply could be undrinkable by 2016.

The annual UN conference held in Stockholm has focused on the management of global water resources since 1991.

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NGO helps women style a new future for Haiti

The aftershocks of the January 2010 earthquake are still being felt in Haiti. But REBUILD Globally, an American NGO, is helping women in the Caribbean nation to take steps at styling a new future—for themselves and the country.

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More support needed for families of those missing in conflict: Red Cross

They say “no news is good news.” But for the relatives of people who have gone missing in armed conflict and other emergencies, no news can mean years of uncertainty, stigmatization and even isolation.

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Nigeria faces food and nutrition crisis:UNICEF

Approximately 18 million people are facing a food and nutrition crisis in West Africa’s Sahel region.

Nigeria is one of eight states that form the Sahel region.

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Ugandan student says Model UN conference broadens perspectives

Fifty students, faculty advisors and government representatives from 28 countries this week got a taste of what happens at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

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International Day against Nuclear Tests highlights dangers of testing

The International day against Nuclear Tests is being observed on 29 August to underline the need eliminate these weapons of mass destruction.

The day commemorates the closing of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, which operated for some 40 years in Kazakhstan.

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Women and girls can play important role in managing water

Gathering in Stockholm, Sweden this week, people from around the world are talking about water: how to share it, how to keep it clean and for some countries, how to find it.

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Mozambican city wins award for risk preparedness

The city of Beira in the eastern part of Mozambique has won an award for putting in place a flood warning system for its approximately 450,000 inhabitants.

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