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amplifyHER episode 1: Milli

Our exciting new UN podcast series, amplifyHER, launches in style with Milli, the fearless teenage superstar from Thailand, and the first artist from the country to perform solo at the world-famous Coachella Music festival, in 2022.

The appearance thrust her into the global spotlight, but Milli has been making waves in her homeland ever since the release of her debut single, Phak Kon, in 2020, thanks to witty lyrics in English, Thai, and several regional dialects.

United Nations

amplifyHER: A new podcast from the United Nations

Around the world, women musicians are producing art in the face of, and sometimes inspired by, the challenges they face in society, from conflict, to human rights abuses, or simply misogyny.

In this series, 10 inspiring women musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds, talk to us from their homes and studios, about their challenges as women in a male-dominated industry, overcoming barriers, and what drives them to continue creating music.

amplifyHER is a 10-part podcast, filled with music and passion, from the United Nations, supported by SoundCloud.