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“Critical test” ahead for Myanmar government

By-elections scheduled for April to fill parliamentary seats in Myanmar will be a “critical test” for the government as it carries out political reforms in the country.

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African women move to abandon female genital mutilation

Women in 15 African countries are working to abandon the deeply rooted traditional practice of female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM/C).

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Female volunteer network brings life-saving services to rural Nepal

A network of 50,000 women is helping Nepal to make great strides in health care. The Female Community Health Volunteers, or FCHVs as they are known, bring essential health services and medicine to remote areas of the country.

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Women-run advocacy organization improves lives in Nepal

Women at the grassroots in Nepal are being empowered to address all forms of violence against them and their children.

Community-based Paralegal Committee programmes, supported by UNICEF, were created initially to stop the trafficking of persons.

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Afghan midwives address need for more skilled maternal care

Maternal death rates in Afghanistan are down 22% since 2000 thanks to the growing popularity of midwifery training programmes, according to the United Nations Population Fund, or

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Cancer kills over one million a year in SE Asia

Cancer has been targeted as a major killer across South East Asia by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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WHO addresses geographical difference in women’s cancers

There’s a clear geographical distinction when it comes to cancer and women.

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Stranded Sri Lankan migrants return home from Togo

A group of 28 Sri Lankan migrants left stranded by people smugglers in Togo in West Africa are on their way home.

The 28 were part of a group of 209 Sri Lankans who, it’s thought, were on their way to Canada via Ethiopia and then Togo.

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Deaths from cancer to double to up to 12 million worldwide

Deaths from cancer could double to up to 12 million a year worldwide within the next 20 years according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Humanitarian chief outlines “enormous” challenges in South Sudan

Displacement caused by inter-ethnic violence and a stream of refugees fleeing conflict in neighbouring Sudan, are some of the challenges facing the new nation of South Sudan.

That assessment comes from UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos, who is on her first mission to the country.

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