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Haiti: a country on the mend

Two and a half years after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, have conditions in the poorest country in the western hemisphere improved?

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Angola celebrates a year with no new polio infections

August 10 marks a year that Angola has remained polio-free, moving the country and the world closer to total eradication.

Only three countries remain endemic – Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In recent years, Angola has made significant progress in the fight against polio.

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The media is focus of International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples

Pop star Justin Bieber, a Canadian, says because he has indigenous heritage, he is entitled to free gas when he travels in Canada.

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Delivering support to pregnant women in Syria crisis

With men preferring to remain behind and fight, women and children comprise the majority of Syrians on the run from the ongoing violence in the country, according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).

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UNFPA encourages Indian mothers to value baby girls

The birth of a child is usually a happy occasion.

But the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) reports that in some societies, for example in South Asia, sons are valued over daughters, resulting in millions of baby girls going “missing.”

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Promoting more inclusive media on International Day of Indigenous People

The only time indigenous people make the front page of the newspaper is if they are killed.

This “drastic perception” is just an example of the complaints heard by Chandra Roy-Henriksen, Chief of the Secretariat of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

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WMO says no deaths resulted from Tropical Storm Haikui

Tropical Storm Haikui struck China's east coast a few days ago.

It was the 11th storm of the Pacific typhoon season this year and the third storm to hit China’s east coast in one week.

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Security Council addresses growing insecurity in Mali

Grave developments in Mali are bringing enormous suffering to the people of that country, says UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon.

Fighting between Government forces and rebels in the northern part of the country has caused insecurity, instability and a growing refugee crisis.

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New book promotes sustainable diets which benefit the planet

While more than 900 million people worldwide suffer from hunger, nearly double that number—1.5 billion—are overweight or obese, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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UNFPA supports modern birthing centres in Ifugao Province, the Philippines

The indigenous people of Ifugao in the Philippines are famous for their ingenuity in constructing beautifully landscaped rice terraces.

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