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Football tournament raises awareness for polio vaccination in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a first ever ‘united against polio’ football tournament raises awareness for polio vaccination.

The country is one of three in the world where polio remains endemic.

Despite 20 years of sustained efforts to eradicate the disease, 198 cases were reported in 2011.

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WHO brokers deal on tobacco smuggling

A global agreement has been reached to try and put an end to tobacco smuggling.

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Landmine awareness day – Lend your Leg campaign

The United Nations estimates that more than one million people have been killed or injured by landmines in the past 30 years.

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Fighting human trafficking to end violence against women and children

It is estimated that, across the globe, 2.4 million people are forced to endure the crime of human trafficking at any one time.

They do so in forced labour, in domestic servitude, in sexual exploitation, and in every country and every region of the world.

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Former child soldiers in Africa form hip hop group

Some former child soldiers in Africa are taking their experiences and turning them into rap songs.

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Blood donation campaign to save mothers launched in Darfur

Twenty-five per cent of maternal deaths in Darfur are caused by excessive bleeding due to lack of adequate blood for transfusion.

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Syria agrees to a withdraw troops by April 10

The joint UN-Arab League envoy for Syria told the Security Council Monday that the country will complete the withdrawal of troops and heavy weapons from populated areas by April 10 according to US Ambassador Susan Rice.

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Steve Jobs exhibition opens at United Nations Geneva office

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is celebrating past and present inventors with the exhibition “Visionary Innovators” that highlights the work of Steve Jobs.

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Making happiness count in measuring national wealth

Gross National Product, or the total value of a country’s economic activity for a year, has long been used to measure progress.

But is GNP the only indicator of national wealth?

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