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News in Brief 8 December 2020

  • Don't let your guard down during COVID vaccine drive: WHO
  • IOM business support helps vulnerable women and children
  • Release Julian Assange immediately UN rights expert urges
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FAO Podcast: A Hungry World Rolls Up Its Sleeves 

The death rate through hunger and starvation in World War Two, rivals the number of those killed in combat. By 1945, agriculture had effectively ground to a halt, leaving hundreds of millions to survive on the equivalent of two potatoes a day.  

It was against this desperate backdrop that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was born.  Marking the UN agency’s 75th anniversary, FAO’s Andre Vornic has produced a short podcast series on the founding of the key UN agency. In this first episode, ‘a hungry world rolls up its sleeves’. 

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NEW PODCAST: UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva

The first show spotlights the work of Radio Okapi, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the voice of UN peacekeeping mission MONUSCO in the African nation.

To help understand how the radio network's tackling the problem of rumours and misinformation – and how it’s going online more and more to keep people listening - Daniel Johnson in Geneva caught up with the station’s head of Strategic Communication & Public Information, Christophe Boulierac.

Plus, a look back at other stories. 

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News in Brief 7 December 2020

  • $2.5 billion appeal for 39 million children in Middle East and North Africa 
  • Self-immolation and suicide: Afghan law ‘still fails sex crime victims’ 
  • Guterres spotlights ‘critical role’ of aviation in pandemic recovery 
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News in Brief 4 December 2020

  • Bachelet says 'no improvement' in rights violations across Belarus
  • UN working at 'full speed' to provide aid to Ethiopia's Tigray
  • New Nigeria yellow fever outbreak causes 'many deaths'
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News in Brief 3 December 2020

  • Inclusion for people with disabilities means education, health care access 
  • Mooted Bangladesh island relocation of Rohingya refugees, must respect rights: UN 
  • COVID crisis set to drag 32 million of world’s poorest back into extreme poverty: UNCTAD 
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News in Brief 2 December 2020

  • Making peace with nature must be top priority for all: UN chief 
  • Countries urged to reduce fossil fuel production to avoid ‘catastrophic’ temperature rise 
  • Pandemic driving down wages, with women and low-paid workers hard hit: ILO report
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UN Secretary-General landmark speech on climate action, 2 December, 2020

UN chief António Guterres had a dire warning message for the world at Columbia University in New York on Wednesday, urging humanity to end the war against nature which has seen a collapse in biodiversity, record global warming and ocean temperature rises, and a global pandemic.

But he also said there was plenty of room for hope that a new, sustainable world can emerge from the pandemic, and an international coaltion of nations commited to net neutrality, by 2050. Here's his concluding remarks as he makes climate action the UN's top priority for the 21st Century.

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UN ‘vital’ for peace and cooperation says Economic and Social Council head

In a world facing famine, major migration and conflict exacerbated by COVID-19, the UN, including its foundational body the Economic and Social Council, known as

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News in Brief 1 December 2020

  • UN appeals for $35 billion to help world’s ‘most vulnerable and fragile’ 
  • 1.3 billion children have no internet access at home 
  • UNHCR appeals to Ethiopia to let it reach hungry Eritrean refugees 
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