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News in Brief 14 June 2019

  • South Sudanese facing famine in all but name, warns UN food agency
  • Amid Sudan protest uncertainty, Darfur is still in crisis: OCHA
  • 5G technology jeopardizes forecasting and early warning alerts, say UN weather experts
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Spirit of Anne Frank celebrated with tree planting at UN headquarters  

The chestnut tree that Anne Frank could see from her famous attic hiding place in Amsterdam during the Second World War, was seen by the young girl as a symbol of hope and the natural world, that she longed to touch again.  Considered a living symbol of both Anne Frank’s legacy and of the values embodied by the United Nations, a sapling descended from that very tree, was planted in the gardens of UN headquarters in New York, on Wednesday.  

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UN optimistic Uganda’s Ebola preparations will shut down outbreak fast 

With news that Ebola virus disease has now surfaced in Uganda, where it has claimed two lives so far this week, the World Health Organization is hopeful the country’s efforts to protect communities will quickly prove successful. In an interview with Daniel Johnson from UN News, WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic explains what the priorities are for the UN health agency and the Ugandan authorities. 

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News in Brief 13 June 2019

  • Guterres strongly condemns latest attack on oil tankers in Gulf 
  • ‘Heated clashes’ lead to 17 deaths in Darfur; AU-UN Mission launches investigation 
  • UNICEF report ranks the best and worst ‘family-friendly’ nations
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‘Huge’ scale of mental health problems in emergencies is bigger than a decade ago: WHO 

Mental health problems are “huge” in conflict or emergency settings, with more than one in five people affected, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said in a new report. In an interview with UN News’s Daniel Johnson, WHO’s Dr. Mark van Ommeren outlines the findings and describes what’s being done to help sufferers, including in war-torn Syria. 

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News in Brief 12 June 2019

  • Sudan sliding into ‘human rights abyss’, warn UN independent experts 
  • Key overseas investment data show slide for third year in a row
  • “Final push” at ILO summit to make child labour a thing of the past 
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News in Brief 11 June 2019

  • UN Security Council offers Yemen Special Envoy ‘their full support’
  • Macron leads EU-wide minimum wage call as Merkel, Medvedev warn of global injustice
  • UN human rights chief Bachelet hails Botswana decision decriminalizing same-sex relationships
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Internet pioneer: Education, smart regulation needed for digital future

Senior Google executive and internet pioneer, Vint Cerf, is a member of the UN High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation

In an exclusive interview with UN News, he spoke to Connor Lennon, shortly after the launch at UN Headquarters in New York.

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News in Brief 10 June 2019

  • UN report issues ‘declaration of digital interdependence’ 
  • Concern, as tensions rise over Iranian nuclear issue  
  • Future food systems centre stage at Rome symposium 
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Seeing beyond women as ‘objects for sexual use’ essential for culture of respect

Inspired by the movement for the liberation of women, Professor Catharine MacKinnon established the legal grounds for defining sexual harassment as sex discrimination, and the concept of “gender crime”, through her work with the International Criminal Court. Speaking to UN News about the #MeToo movement against male exploitation, the UN Women advisor, warned that to achieve a true culture of respect, “women need to be seen beyond objects for sexual use”.


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