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A peacekeeper's commitment to improving the lives of women in the Central African Republic

When Lieutenant Commander Marcia Andrade Braga arrived in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, to take up her post as Military Gender Advisor with the UN peacekeeping mission there, MINUSCA, no one else in the mission was tasked with protecting the needs of conflict-affected women.

But just one year on, she has managed to build a network of gender focal points across the country.

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Sri Lanka must move faster on accountability reforms: UN Human Rights office

In an interview with UN News’s Daniel Johnson, Mona Rishmawi, whose official title is Chief of Rule of Law Equality and Non Discrimination, at the UN Human Rights office, insisted that Sri Lanka should accelerate measures seeking justice for victims of serious human rights abuses linked to the bloody civil war that ended there in 2009. 

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Alarm over ‘widespread and repeated’ sexual abuse of refugee men and boys in Libya

According to a new study by the Women’s Refugee Commission into people attempting to reach Italy from North Africa, sexual abuse of refugees is widespread, particularly in Libya’s detention centres. Researcher Sarah Chynoweth spoke to UN News’s Daniel Johnson.

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Cyclone Idai survivors urgently need safe shelter, water and sanitation, says Red Cross

People affected by Tropical Cyclone Idai in southern Africa, urgently need clean water, safe sanitation facilities and shelter. In an interview with Daniel Johnson from UN News, IFRC Secretary General Elhadj As Sy, described the huge scale of need he witnessed on a visit to Mozambique last Friday.

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Scale of Idai disaster surprised us all: UNICEF

Half of all those affected by Tropical Cyclone Idai are extremely vulnerable children, UNICEF said on Friday.  Speaking to Daniel Johnson from UN News, UNICEF spokesperson Christophe Boulierac gave an update on the latest situation on the ground.

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Big gains for Global South countries ‘learning from each other’: UN agricultural development official

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)’s vice-president, Cornelia Richter, is participating at the UN’s Second High-Level Conference on South-South Cooperation, or BAPA+40, in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires this week. Laura Quinones is there, reporting for UN News and spoke to Ms. Richter. 

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Media can shine a spotlight on women’s rights

Journalists can help advance women’s rights by moving from a “protectionist approach to a more human rights approach” in their reporting, according to gender equality advocate Geetanjali Misra.

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There are still ‘massive humanitarian needs’ in Syria, despite drop in fighting

Syrian civilians still have a strong need for support from the international community, Panos Moumtzis, UN Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis, said on Wednesday.

When Yasmina Guerda from UN News spoke to Mr. Moumtzis, she asked him why the UN still considers Syria to be in a crisis.

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UN Environment chief mourns ‘terrible loss’ of UN staff in Ethiopia Airlines crash travelling to major Nairobi conference

Joyce Msuya, head of UN Environment (UNEP), has expressed her sorrow at the death of UN staff on Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302, which crashed on Sunday, killing everyone on board.

Patrick Newman from UN News spoke to Ms. Msuya, and asked her how the atmosphere at the Assembly have been affected. 

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To achieve zero hunger, we need to invest in women and girls: UN specialist

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide and to shine a light on persistent gender inequality. Calling for the same access as men to “land of good quality” and an expansion of women-run farms, FAO's Senior Gender Officer Tacko Ndiaye explained to Charlotta Lomas that women in  rural areas need “enough resources to uplift them from hunger and poverty”.

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