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UN advocate gives voice to victims of sexual exploitation

Transforming those who have suffered sexual exploitation and abuse perpetrated by UN personnel from victims into survivors is the goal of the first-ever official appointed to advocate on their behalf.

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Health services for young migrants are crucial, UNFPA expert says

Safeguarding human rights, ensuring a safe and orderly journey and guaranteed health services are some of the key issues facing young migrants.

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Award revs up innovators behind intercultural projects

Intercultural innovators are not uncommon around UN Headquarters in New York, but it’s not every day they arrive courtesy of one of the world’s leading car companies.

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UNAIDS says men critical to ending epidemic

Ambitions of zero infections, zero deaths and zero stigma when it comes to AIDS cannot be achieved without addressing worrying trends seen with men.

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Migration compact needs to be “truly global”: UN Representative

Governments now understand that their national migration policies cannot work unless they fit into an international model.

That’s the message from the UN Special Representative for International Migration, Louise Arbour.

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