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Health worker attacks “wrong, unfair and unjust”: UN official

Countries are being reminded of their obligation to provide healthcare for their citizens and to protect professionals who deliver these services, particularly during times of conflict.

That’s the message from the UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Kate Gilmore.

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Podcast: Surviving sexual slavery - Grizelda’s story

How do you overcome years of sexual slavery, despite scars which will always remain?

Grizelda Grootboom knows the answer, and in September, she joined the Secretary-General at the UN’s main podium, to tell her story.

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African industrialization will help erase poverty, transform economies

Urban demand could be “a lever” for industrialization across Africa.

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Film bears witness to work of UN peacekeepers in DR Congo

After seeing negative news reports about UN peacekeepers, American filmmaker Melonie Kastman was inspired to share some positive stories surrounding the blue helmets.

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Emergency animal health campaign launched around Mosul

A lesser-known casualty of the brutal fighting to liberate Mosul from Daesh, or ISIL extremists, has been livestock around the northern Iraqi city, said the Food and Agriculture Organization (

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More Rohingya crisis funding vital to keep pace with needs

More funding to “keep pace with intensifying needs” is urgently needed in Bangladesh to support thousands of refugees who continue to cross the border with Myanmar each day.

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Protecting culture promotes peace and security: UNESCO

The rise in terrorism is posing a challenge to global efforts to safeguard cultural heritage and identity.

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Climate change not all “doom and gloom:” Singer Ellie Goulding at UN

British singer Ellie Goulding has opened up about her passion for combating climate change: from creating a sustainable bracelet brand to her selectivity when it comes to endorsements, the pop artist says there’s still time to take action.

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Myanmar children facing “hell on earth”

A major alert has been issued for hundreds of thousands of Myanmar youngsters who’ve been forced to seek shelter in what’s been described as a “hell on earth” of makeshift camps in southern Bangladesh.

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UN Gender Focus: Reproductive health, Antigua & Barbuda, and Space for Women

Reproductive health and economic inequalities inextricably linked: UNFPA

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