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A new film about refugees aims to add nuance to the news

What happens when a tourist and a refugee meet? That’s the central question at the heart of a new film screened at UN Headquarters in July.

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New rule to weigh containers seeks to reduce accidents at sea

A new rule has come into force this month aimed at reducing the number of accidents at sea caused by shipping containers.

From now on, each individual container’s weight must be verified before loading.

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Latest drought will “hugely increase” hunger across Southern Africa

Southern Africa’s latest drought will “hugely increase” the amount of food-insecurity suffered by millions across the region.

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“Only one out of 100 people are rescued” from human trafficking

Only one out of 100 people are rescued from human trafficking according to a senior UN official working on the issue.

Simone Monasebian is head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in New York.

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Football scores 2030 development goals through “peace and justice”

The “values of sport” – particularly football - are a powerful force for helping promote the UN-led Sustainable Development Goals (

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Forecast points to La Niña weather change

Global weather patterns could be about to change if the La Niña phenomenon re-emerges, UN experts said Thursday.

La Niña, which is caused by cooler waters in the Pacific Ocean, could bring much-needed rainfall to areas left parched by the last El Niño episode, which ended in May.

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“Historic racial targeting” in the US is “dangerous” for peaceful assembly

The ‘historic racial targeting by police’ can be dangerous for citizens’ rights to peacefully assemble in the United States.

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South Sudan Olympians say “being a refugee is only a status”

Five runners who fled South Sudan have been given the chance to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games as refugees.

On Thursday, they boarded a plane in Kenya, bound for the Brazilian city that’s hosting the world’s biggest sporting event that opens next week.

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Hepatitis, a curable disease, claims more lives than AIDS

Hepatitis claims approximately 1.5 million lives each year more than the number of people who die from AIDS, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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UN and Africa: focus on Lake Chad region, Africa development and illegal fishing

Boko Haram crisis has “devastated” Lake Chad region’s economy

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