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South Sudan swears in transitional unity government

The formation of a transitional unity government in South Sudan should result in action to tackle the numerous issues the world’s youngest nation is facing, according to the spokesperson at the UN mission there.

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Recent attacks in Syria show “monstrous disregard” for civilians

The latest violence in Syria reveals “a monstrous disregard for civilian lives” by all sides to the country’s conflict, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has stated.

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Health needs of women and children in conflict zones neglected

The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, a set of development targets agreed by world leaders last September at the UN, will provide an opportunity to address the needs of women a

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Stress, the unseen and growing workplace hazard

Almost two million people die each year from work-related diseases, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

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Syria human toll and suffering “sickening and obscene”: UN

The human toll and suffering in Syria is “sickening and obscene” in a senseless fight where there is nothing much to gain, a senior UN official has warned.

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Developing nations need assistance to build “green” economies

Developing nations need assistance to build “green” economies or they will continue to have to rely on fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.

That’s the warning from Amina Mohammed, Nigeria’s Environment Minister and a former Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

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Rise in arrests of young Palestinians

The number of Palestinian children arrested by Israeli authorities has doubled in the past four years, according to an advocate from the region.

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Asia-Pacific productivity "under threat and needs reform”

The Asia-Pacific region is an economic powerhouse but urgently needs to rethink its economic strategy if it’s to stay that way, UN experts said Thursday.

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Solar power saves women farmers in Senegal

Good farming practices and solar energy have helped to save a women’s agricultural cooperative in Senegal.

The 65 members were about to give up on growing vegetables due to soil degradation caused by low rainfall.

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UN Gender Focus: gender equality, SDGs and climate change

Geneva takes diplomatic approach to gender equality

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