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South Sudan: Put people first to achieve peace

There is urgent need to sustain momentum towards achieving peace in South Sudan, the Security Council heard on Thursday.

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War criminals in Balkans “not heroes”

People who have been found guilty of war crimes in the former Yugoslavia should not be considered “heroes” according to the Prosecutor of the ICTY, the UN tribunal tasked with prosecuting crimes committed during the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

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Frustration mounts at obstacles to Syria aid convoys

In Syria, desperately needed aid is still not getting through to some besieged areas, the United Nations said on Thursday.

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Russia moving “from despair to hope” in fight against HIV/AIDS

Russia is moving “from despair to hope” in its efforts to address HIV/AIDS, a senior UN official has said.

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“Green” industrialization a focus for African Development Week

Migration, climate change and what’s been called “green” industrialization are just some of the issues topping the agenda when African economic and finance ministers gather in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, beginning this Thursday.

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UN and Africa: focus on HIV/AIDS, African Development Week and Gabon economy

Mandela grandsons say HIV/AIDS can be defeated by 2030

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UN Gender Focus: women in the Great Lakes region, Libyan women and women leaders in Botswana

Great Lakes women demand more active role in peace talks

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Stand against “negative, nativist narratives” UN chief tells Sweden

Sweden should take a stand against negative and “nativist narratives”, when it comes to refugees, the UN Secretary-General urged on Wednesday.

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Protection of antiquities is a global issue

The protection of historical artifacts is not just an issue during conflict, but a global concern.

That’s the view of Dr Donna Yates, a lecturer on antiquities trafficking and art crime at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

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Global community must step up on refugees, says UN's Ban

Dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis is the responsibility of the international community and everyone should “step up” to do their fair share, UN chief Ban Ki-moon has said.

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