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News in Brief 11 January 2021

  • WHO’s Tedros welcomes China announcement on COVID-19 team visit 
  • UNAIDS unveils new targets on HIV prevention amid rise in stigma  
  • Rights expert calls for reversal of Israel’s eviction order against 16 Palestinian families 
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Podcast: UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva - Episode 4 

This week’s show features the week’s news headlines, an interview on the first post-COVID global survey on people’s priorities with UN75 chief Fabrizio Hochschild, and a rendition of one of the longest words in the indigenous Aymara language from Latin America – tune in to find out more… 

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News in Brief 8 January 2021

  • Rights chief Bachelet echoes condemnation of incitement in US Capitol chaos 
  • Mass displacement amid Central African Republic election violence 
  • Vietnam arrests of journalists ‘part of clampdown on freedom of expression’ 
  • UN’s global post-COVID poll: The long and short of what 1.5 million people want 
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UN post-COVID poll: 1.5 million outline their needs, hopes and fears 

The world’s first global poll conducted during the COVID-19 crisis to ask people what their biggest needs, hopes and fears are, 75 years after the UN was founded, has turned up some surprising findings.

One of them, perhaps, is the fact that more people in low and middle income countries, than in rich nations, called for greater global solidarity for communities badly hit by the pandemic. UN News’s Daniel Johnson, spoke to Under-Secretary-General Fabrizio Hochschild, about meeting the needs of millions in the years ahead.

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News in Brief 7 January 2021

  • Top UN officials saddened by violent mob protests inside US Capitol 
  • Hong Kong: UN human rights office urges immediate release of activists  
  • Guterres ‘shocked’ at massacre of civilians in eastern DR Congo 
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On EU’s doorstep, UN raises alarm for thousands of young migrants sleeping rough 

Well over 2,500 migrants and refugees have been forced to sleep rough in Bosnia-Herzegovina for several weeks – on the European Union’s doorstep – despite the fact that suitable sheltered accommodation is available. 

In an interview with UN News’s Daniel Johnson, Peter Auweraert, chief of mission in Bosnia for the UN Migration Agency IOM, describes the difficulties of trying to find a quick solution to the urgent problem. 

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News in Brief 6 January 2021

  • ‘Conflict trap’ a growing obstacle to sustainable development - UN chief
  • Declaration to fix ‘Gulf rift’ welcomed
  • Rights expert welcomes court’s refusal to extradite Wikileaks' Assange
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FAO podcast – The UN’s FAO at 75: Fight to end hunger continues 

In this final special 75th anniversary podcast from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Andre Vornic looks at the continuing struggle to not just keep people alive, but help them thrive through access to healthy, nutritious food, on an equitable basis. 

The agency in 2021 is working on finally achieving food security for all – with nutrition, diplomacy, technological advances and environmental sustainability all in play. 

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News in Brief 5 January 2021

  • UNHCR relocates first Ethiopian refugees to new site in Sudan
  • UN appeals to spoilers in Central African Republic election to respect poll results
  • Mounting concern for Bosnia’s migrants left in freezing conditions
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FAO Podcast - The UN’s FAO at 75: A world of plenty?

In this second podcast from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) marking the agency’s 75th birthday, Andre Vornic tracks how FAO helped make the dream of a “world of plenty” more of a reality in the post-World War Two period, in the fight against hunger and inequality.  

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