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Turning the tide together

“Turning the tide together” is the theme of the upcoming International Conference on AIDS.

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Students honour Mandela Day by educating themselves about his legacy

Students from various African nations as well as other countries throughout the world gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa recently to participate in a dialogue and discussion about Nelson Mandela.

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AIDS-free generation is within our grasp:UNICEF

There is an ambitious plan to eliminate new AIDS infections among children by 2015.

There is also talk that we are seeing the beginning of the end of AIDS and that an AIDS-free generation is within our grasp.

The 19th International Conference on AIDS takes place from 22-27 July.

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UN observers visit Syrian village following deadly attack

UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan on Tuesday met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the ongoing crisis in Syria.

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Business school professor argues on behalf of “the missing middle”


Pay inequality is a heated issue with many people believing CEOs and other “fat cats” earn too much while those at the bottom of the salary scale are barely scraping by.

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Senegal: Sowing the seeds

Whenever global food prices rise, developing countries are hit the hardest. Senegal is one such country. Rising food prices made even the most basic foodstuffs unaffordable.

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Problems mount in meeting humanitarian needs in Syria: OCHA

The humanitarian response for Syria is facing a critical shortage of funds, as the conflict in Syria escalates, says John Ging.

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Faster, higher, stronger and fairer: the role of sports in promoting gender equality

With the summer games opening in London this month, Olympic fever is building around the world.

Athletes and fans are gearing up for two weeks of sport, fellowship and record-breaking achievements.

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The quest for secure energy

Author Daniel Yergin won the Pulitzer for his book called The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power, but he waited over 20 years to tackle the topic of oil again.

His newest book is called The Quest: Energy, Security and the Remaking of the Modern World.

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Working mother in El Salvador returns to her farming roots with WFP support

Karla Trujillo, a working mother in El Salvador, felt the many hours she spent at her office job was eating away at the time she had with her children and also distancing her from her roots in farming.

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