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Private sector gears up for Rio+20

Ahead of the UN’s Rio+20 conference on sustainable development, the Global Compact, a UN voluntary initiative for responsible corporate citizenship will hold its own forum.

Over 1,000 business people from 130 countries are expected to attend from 15-18 June in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Comic book helps Haitian women and girls find their way to career success

Two men are literally sketching out a better future for women and girls in Haiti.

Mike Charles, a script writer, and Chevelin Pierre, an illustrator, are behind a new comic book that encourages Haitian women and girls to go after the career of their dreams.

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Transition to a green economy could yield up to 60 million jobs

As many as 60 million additional jobs could be generated through a transformation to a greener economy according to a new report.

The Green Jobs Initiative says this could potentially lift tens of millions of workers out of poverty over the next two decades.

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WHO urges countries to stand strong against aggressive tobacco companies

Cigarette makers are now using the court system to undermine public health policies that protect people from the harmful effects of tobacco.

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Amputees from Sierra Leone’s war applaud sentence for Charles Taylor

Victims of Sierra Leone's brutal civil war are celebrating Charles Taylor’s sentence of 50 years in prison.

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UN expert on sexual violence in conflict welcomes UK initiative to combat this crime

The United Kingdom’s decision to establish a special rapid deployment unit that will collect evidence of rape and other sexual violence in conflict areas has been welcomed by a senior UN official.

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50 year prison sentence for Liberia’s Charles Taylor


Former Liberian President Charles Taylor awaiting verdict on April 26, 2012. Photo: UN Webcast video

Liberia’s former president, who was convicted for aiding and abetting war crimes in Sierra Leone, has been sentenced to 50 years in prison.

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ILO chief praises young people’s refusal to accept a bleak future

The youth unemployment crisis is among the items topping the agenda of the International Labour Conference which opened in Geneva on Wednesday.

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Kenyan soldier says International Day recognizes peacekeepers’ commitment to changing the world

Approximately 120,000 peacekeepers are serving at UN missions worldwide.

Their contributions are remembered every year on 29 May, the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.

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UN celebrates partnerships on international day of peacekeepers

Peacekeepers, or the “blue helmets,” are the visible embodiment of the United Nations and in some ways serve as informal ambassadors for the organization in the countries where they are posted.

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