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Human Rights Council debates situation in Syria

As the violence continues in Syria, where protests against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad have been met with force, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva is holding a special debate on Syria on Tuesday.

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Searching for safe arsenic-free water in Bangladesh

Enormous progress has been made in Bangladesh where poisonous arsenic was found in well water across the country, but more still needs to be done to help the people there.

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Mobilising men to stand up against gender inequality

Around the world, men are being mobilised to stand up against gender inequality.

From taxi drivers in Kenya, to student activists in India and refugees in Uganda, all have pledged to confront gender inequality in their communities.

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“Friends of Syria” group want country to grant UN humanitarian access

As the humanitarian and political crisis continues in Syria, representatives from 70 countries have gathered in Tunis for the first meeting of the Friends of Syria group.

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Growing humanitarian crisis in Mali

The number of people fleeing conflict in northern Mali continues to grow each week.

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Emergency cash transfers help drought affected families in Niger

A food crisis is looming over the entire Sahel region in Africa, putting vulnerable families at risk.

Governments in the region have declared a state of emergency. In Niger alone, six million people are affected.

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Timor-Leste prepares for elections

By the end of this year, the United Nations will withdraw its peacekeeping force from Timor-Leste, after having achieved what it was sent there to do, according to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and head of UNMIT, Ameerah Haq.

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Commission of Inquiry details Syria abuses

Widespread, systematic and gross human rights violations, amounting to crimes against humanity are being committed in Syria with the apparent knowledge and consent of the highest levels of state.
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Naming and shaming perpetrators of conflict related sexual violence

Ending the use of rape and other forms of sexual violence as a weapon of war is still one of the greatest challenges to the protection of human rights according to the UN's Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict.

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Africa’s rising energy needs pressed by UNEP meeting in Nairobi

Africa’s rising energy needs has been the focus of a meeting in Nairobi, Kenya this week that brought together environmental experts from across the globe.

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